Being a coach in the Mars Venus Coaching system has facilitated me to take the principles and practices of John Gray and implement them into my life and business. The Training program provides powerful tools and gives coaches a business model for rapid and sustainable acquisition of a client base.

Having the ongoing support of coaching whilst growing my business has allowed me to achieve things I would have never thought possible. Rich Bernstein has consistently been by my side, day in and day out, with outstanding mentoring to get me to commit to action and step up on all levels. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am now without his constant support. I have experienced top-notch accountability in a way that served and respected me and Rich Bernstein has helped me to exceed the goals that I set out for myself.


Karen Leckie
Mars Venus Coach
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I thought Mars Venus Coaching would teach me about John Gray´s material, the business and how to manage it. It was much more than that!! Yes, I did learn about all those things, but most importantly I learned a more powerful lesson. In order to be a successful coach and really being able to assist clients to achieve their goals (which is what I wanted to do), I had to hold myself to a higher standard. Rich and the rest of theMars Venus Coachingteam have been a great support in keep thriving on being better every day in my business and as a person. This wasn´t just a training… It was an life changing experience!!!

Hope it helps… BTW, did you get my mail regarding my new contact information?

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When I decided to join “Mars Venus Coaching” I did it because I had discovered that my mission in life was to help people change their lives and achieve their goals.

I had gone through a beautiful transformational process and what a better way to share those tools and knowledge then merging with the wisdom and experience of a man whose book changed my life…Dr. John Gray.

My biggest gift in these last 2 years was what I have been receiving and doing with my life having a “Mars Venus Coach” like Rich Bernstein, he held me strong, pushed me over my limits and kept me accountable with an extraordinary energy that I really needed to go through drastic and unexpected changes in my life. He is the best coach in the world !!

Mernela Anez

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Mernela Anez

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What first attracted us to Mars Venus Coaching was the brand name. Other coaching companies don’t have the advantage of being powered by a well-known, well-respected brand. And the Mars Venus brand does indeed open doors to prospects we would never have met on our own, and starts great conversations… conversations that result in obtaining new clients. The other part that attracted us to Mars Venus Coaching was the clearly delineated process and tools for obtaining clients. Client acquisition is not left up to chance. Rather, we were trained on a time-tested approach, that when followed, results in constant stream of qualified prospects and new clients. Of course, it is up to us to follow it. And lastly, we have been impressed with how the Mars Venus brand translates into the business and executive arena. We are able to significantly impact the success of our clients by teaching them how to develop their own 90-day success plans that focus on such things as lead generation, conversion rate, frequency, average dollar sale and margin…. all the while taking into account the role gender plays in each of these areas. We couldn’t be happier with our investment and our new careers.

Pam and Scott

Pam and Scott Lippitt

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I am pleased to have been a part of my graduating the first Mars Venus Coaching batch of life coaches as Interim CEO. On June 10, 2011, three individuals from different parts of the United States received their certificates as Mars Venus Life Coaches. Over the four day training program, they were trained and exposed to all aspects of the Mars Venus Coaching programs. Equally important, they were taught how to market their fledgling coaching businesses and to get paying clients, one of the major stumbling blocks for coaches who are not taught how to run their own business.

We had an interesting diversity amongst the coaches. One coach is a real estate broker from southern California who wants to give more to the people around him. Another coach is an Imam at a mosque in Florida. He is the equivalent of a Pastor, Priest or Rabbi who lead their own congregation. Another coach, who has been teaching at a healing arts college for many years, wants to treat people’s emotions the same way that her training treats people’s physical bodies.

I was amazed at transformation of each of the people. They went from a deer-in-the-headlights look when they walked in the first day to strutting out of the training program with confidence on their last day.

On the first day, the coaches gained many important insights from Dr. Gray, who shared from his broad range of experiences as a therapist to thousands, a coach and mentor to many, and author of a number of best-selling books. It was an honor to be part of the training curriculum that first day.

I am confident that the coaches will hit the ground running when they get back to their homes and take their next steps in developing a newfound career that will change not only their client’s lives, but their lives as well.

I am looking forward to the next training class, which will be in August,2011.

Mars Venus Coaching
Improve your Life through Mars Venus Coaching

The course of any individual’s is influenced by the choices and decisions they make. A quality life cannot be attained unless you learn how to plan it and the best strategies to take in order to get to your destination. Since there are some aspects of life that require guidance, there are instances when it is imperative to get training. Mars Venus Coaching established by John Gray Ph.D has taken up the mandate of helping individuals meet this end. Gray, who is an acclaimed international expert on matters of relationship and communication, offers individuals the chance to boost, improve careers and increase profits through basic training.

How this is done

Training on these aspects of life is not an easy feat and this is because human psychology is complicated. To ensure that this end is achieved without difficulty, Mars Venus Coaching is reputed for having the best coaches. They are highly skilled and have widespread expertise in the three major training areas which include expertise in subject matter, decoding of personality and receipting of excellent and positive client feedback. What is more, the coaches have different personalities and they convey different ideologies and this goes a long way to ensure that individuals get to contract coaches who meet individual needs.

What makes them stand out?

While all this sounds appealing, it is ideal to look at some of the aspects that make Mars Venus Coaching different from others in the industry. For starters, the coaches are trained to deliver coaching processes that are standard and on top of this they use competent tools and systems to educate clients. However, they go beyond training basics to ensure that clients get equipped with the necessary information required to handle different challenges in the corporate field. More importantly, the coaches at Mars Venus Coaching are also known to help clients handle gender differences that arise at home and the work place. During training, emphasis is laid on how members of the opposite sex cope with communication and how they cope with stressful situations.

Services Offered

At Mars Venus Coaching, there are several services provided and the ultimate choice is based on an individual’s needs and preference. These include training programs, life coaching, workshops, business coaching and executive coaching among others. While this is the case, all these programs are geared towards achieving one goal and that is improving the organizational and personal skills of different clients in order to attain results. The areas improved through this training include life management, relationships, leadership, communication and development of teamwork among others.

Mars Venus Coaching therefore offers a dedicated, positive, resourceful and passionate team of coaches united towards bettering the lives of individuals who seek to enrich, balance and consistently record growth. The team at Mars Venus Coaching is also driven by the passion and desire to motive clients to succeed. Mars Venus Coaching targets organizations as well as individuals and they always ensure that clients get empowered to take action and employ what they learn once they get out into the field.