The Uncomfortable Silence

Learn to ListenIn today’s Mars Venus Coaching tip, I want to talk about the uncomfortable silence… That time in between when you ask a question and you receive a response. People don’t like that ‘silence’ in the middle of a question so they will ask you another question and if you don’t respond to that, they will continue asking questions. This is a very difficult thing to do.

If you look at the statistics in coaching, the most powerful thing we can give is being good listeners for people. If you’re a good listener – you’re demonstrating good coaching. That’s really what your clients are buying from you.

Statistics show that the most powerful thing in coaching the people want to buy ‘listening’ – not talking to them or giving them advice. Actually LISTENING. Being a good listener is what makes them feel good. I want you to listen more carefully. Just sit there with no response and allow them to continue to talk.

Nobody likes that uncomfortable silence. If you give them that uncomfortable silence – they will talk even more. The more they talk, the more you’re demonstrating Koji. The more you demonstrate coaching, the more they like it.

Learn to listen – not your ability to talk. That’s your tip for the day.