Achieving Balance Pregnant, Raising a Family, & Working

The adage, “No one’s happy, unless Momma’s happy” takes on new meaning now that I’m pregnant, managing a coaching business, teaching Zumba, raising our son, taking care of my husband, and running a household. Now well into my second trimester people are suddenly noticing that my belly has popped, and there is another little being asking for my attention. Perfecting the art of balance became a priority with the birth of our last child, and I’m happy to report the second time around being pregnant this time has me at my peak.

Mommyhood is an all-consuming job. It is easy sometimes to lose the essence of who you are as you stare into the depths of your child’s eyes, inhale their sweet innocence, and stop whatever you’re doing to listen to them talk or cuddle away a hurt boo-boo. Read below for lessons learned from my first pregnancy and the life changes that really make us think twice about what balance really means in a growing family.

The To-Do List

Most women will agree with me that the to-do list is never ending. Unless we write it down, it can wake us up suddenly at night. “I need more diaper cream!” I also make it a point to re-prioritize each day what my top 3-5 actions items are to complete, and which ones I’d like to get to, but I’m okay with pushing to another day.

During my first pregnancy I found myself writing down what I ate to make sure I was taking my prenatal vitamins, eating enough green veggies, protein, whole grains, and fruit. Then as soon as my son was born, I logged his eating, activity time, sleep patterns, and me-time. Otherwise I’d forget in my sleep deprived brain fog, especially when my husband was deployed to Iraq, and my son was relying just on me. “Did I shower today or not?”

This time around running my own business and learning new choreography for Zumba, it has been critical so I don’t forget important school events for my son or my husband’s schedule.

For me writing it down is my saving grace. It allows me to dump it out of my head so I can sleep when the opportunity presents itself. On the really crazy days when I’ve been side tracked more than I’ve been able to check of my pre-prioritized to-do list, I will make a “Have Done” list at the end of the day so I can see why I was so busy. It allows me to let things go, and re-focus on what is really important to me and my family: taking care of each other.

Me Time

I heard over and over again from moms during the first pregnancy to make sure I took care of myself. That’s a no-brainer to most when we’re pregnant, and are focused on healthy eating, exercising, and sleeping for two. It is more critical as soon as the baby is born.

Taking 30 minutes for a hot bath, sitting in a coffee shop to read a few chapters of a good book, and allowing your spouse or family to watch the baby so you can go do a quick work-out in-between breast-feeding is pivotal to regaining your equilibrium post pregnancy. As the mom of a toddler and being pregnant the second time one of my non-negotiable priorities is doing Zumba or yoga, six days a week. If I do not do this, then I am not in touch with whom I really am, my body feels like an alien has taken over it, and I’m a grouch. Taking me time allows me to be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, instructor, and coach.

Connecting With Others

It started with my midwife’s natural mom’s group and La Leche League breastfeeding group the first time. It evolved into 5-6 days a week of doing Zumba with other men and women there to shimmy, shake, and lift each other up as we pursue fitness and healthy spirits. Stress melts away, and our problems don’t seem so insurmountable when we have friends to help carry the load or make us laugh.

Pursuing Growth

The biggest disservice you can do for yourself is to put your passions, your dreams, and your life purpose on hold once children come along. It affects the strength of your marriage, your self-identity, and your mental health. It is just as important as carving me-time out and connecting with other people to reduce stress. Pursue something you’re passionate about, stay involved in causes, and pick up hobbies that allow you to tap into your creative side. Do something that makes you feel a part of something bigger than just your nuclear family. Our kids will grow up. Losing ourselves in our children’s and husband’s lives and schedules does not complete us as women. We also have to focus energy on our growth and development as well.

Enjoying the Moment

Each of these “ah-hah” truths bring me to my favorite of them all: “enjoying the moment.” Life goes by so fast. If we are focusing on the past or the future, we miss what is right in front of us. Making routines, keeping schedules, checking off to-do lists, pursuing our dreams on a daily basis, connecting with others and things that are important to us are the actions that keep us in the present moment. If you’re doing too much, then cut things back until you feel relaxed and not rushed. This

At the end of the day I know my family is happy and is achieving balance, because our focus every day is on what is important to pursuing our goals. I have so many moments of pure joy each day, because I’m paying attention to what is good. There is an indescribable surge of satisfaction every time I get off Skype or the phone with a client, and I’ve been privy to their latest success checking off their actions on their 90 Day Plans. When I’m dancing and doing Zumba with a class, and we nail a difficult flamenco step or we make eye contact as we yell out, “ole!” or “Zumba!” As my husband and I cuddle next to our son and his hands are on both my husband and I as he murmurs, “I love you” in his sleep. And, when my husband and I look at each other across the dinner table as we talk about our day with the baby kicking happily away inside, our dog at our feet, and our son prattling on about his new buddy at school…It is there that ever-elusive balance. We’ve kept all the balls in the air as we juggle our life. And, I know we’ve made it, because momma’s happy.

Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd
Mars Venus Coaching
Corporate Media Relations

Mars Venus Measures Who is more on Fire

Fire Vs. Ice.

Fire Vs. Ice

As we get older we start to feel the results of ageing caused by the decrease of hormone production.  By the time men and women have reached the age of 50, we have lost at least half of their hormone production.  For so many women who have chosen to bypass hormone replacement therapy for alternative therapy; the information found in John Gray’s book Venus on Fire Mars on Ice is highly useful.   Teaches you to teach your body produce the good hormones naturally.  Men and Women have their good hormones that keep them young, vibrant and sexually active.  For men it’s “Testosterone”, for women it’s “Oxytocin.”

Now as I said before men’s testosterone level will drop as he ages but what most people don’t know is his levels will change on a daily basis.   The stresses of the job, the commute and life in general will make testosterone drop like a lead brick.  Leaving most men feeling like a grumpy old man crawling to the nearest fortress of solitude for relief more commonly called the “Man Cave.”   Yes ladies “The Man Cave” actually exists and it is a useful tool for both man and woman.  After a long day Man needs to have his time “Alone” to be able to replenish his testosterone levels.  Women need to understand men need their space but we want to talk and share.  That would entail “Invading The Man Cave” How is this good for a woman?  A smart woman would go shopping.

Now let’s talk about women’s happy hormone called “Oxytocin.”    This is the hormone that is produced when a women is happy, stress free and content.  There are quite a few stress busters a woman can use to raise her levels.  The list is actually very long and includes relaxation exercises, bubble bath, hanging out friends, talking, talking, talking.  Did I mention Talking?  For women, sharing is a natural stress reducer.

It’s the difference between how men and women manage stress is what we are addressing.     Men deal with stress by shutting down and women deal with stress by sharing.  Two totally opposite ends of the spectrum.  It’s a wonder we get together long enough to procreate.   Knowing this men and women need to give each other their private space and not bombard their spouse right at the front door after work.

The next point I’d like to make is the hormone killer called “Cortisol.”   Cortisol is more commonly called the fight or flight hormone.  Back when we were still cavemen (some of us still are) and were being chase by a mammoth, this is the hormone that gave us that burst of energy that made us run faster.   Well I don’t need to tell you being chased by mammoth would have been highly stressful.  Well ok we know mammoths are extinct but we do have mammoth size stress to handle.  Country is in financial crisis, foreclosures, unemployment at an all time high are all stressful things.   This constant exposure to stress keeps us in a continuous “Fight of Flight” mode thus our body’s Cortisol I.V. drip is on wide open.

The yucky side effect of Cortisol is weight gain, especially around the waist line.  When a man is under stress, his testosterone goes down and Cortisol goes up.   When a woman is stressed, her Oxytocin goes down but her Cortisol goes twice as high as a man’s. ( Where’s the justice in that?)  As a woman learns to reduce her stress level, her Oxytocin will rise and naturally blend with  fat cells, that all women have, and give her extra energy she didn’t know she had.

The long and short is regardless of whether you are 20 or 80 you should, not only, know how to handle stress in your own life but understand how the opposite sex handles stress.   Men!  Don’t panic! It’s not complicated.  It’s as simple as a hug, a touch, a compliment.   Woman when a man goes into his man cave, DO NOT sit and wait for him to come out.  Take that opportunity to work on your oxytocin…GO SHOPPING!

Dolores Baltierra

Mar Venus Coaching

When In Doubt, Mars Venus says Write it down

This is not a Calendar

This is not a Calendar

It’s amazing what a little organization can do to alleviate stress. Mars Venus teaches this is so many facets of life no matter what the application.

Many decades ago when I was much much younger, I didn’t know anything about organization.  Franklin Covey wasn’t in my vocabulary just yet and neither was Mars Venus.  What I did have was a boyfriend, and still to this very day a good friend, named David that noticed that sometimes I was stressed about my daily schedule. Naturally between college, work and a relationship, I was pretty busy.   He would often ask me what I had to do that day.  My eyes would kind of glaze over and I would glance through my imaginary calendar (We all have one, it’s written in thin air) and pull everything out of sequence.  “TADA!  There is it!  My schedule” I would say with pride.  David would look at me and tell me three simple little words that would change my life.  “Write it Down.”  He’d continue, “When everything is rolling around in your head, you waste time going from one point to another and you will always forget something.”   God Bless David.  Many years later I still hear your voice telling me “Write It Down.”  Kind of annoying really but I understand it more now than ever before.

Mars Venus Stresses (pardon the pun) the importance of organization as a tool to avoid stress.  Use a calendar, any calendar whether it is Franklin Covey®, Day Runner® or the frivolous chachkie you got from your insurance agent.  Every hour of every day should be plotted out in advance.  This will not only avoid over booking but it will avoid hurt feelings as well.  Just think of it.  You have an appointment written in your head, not a good place, and then a niece wants to spend time with you. Of course you say “yes” not thinking about your “head” schedule.  Now what do you do?  You Stress!   You have just put yourself in the situation where someone is going to be hurt. And you only have yourself to blame.  Business is business. If you miss an appointment, you lose a potential client plus any referrals.  That translates to dollars and cents and ultimately loss of income.   Your calendar is should not be floating around in air.

Once you have established a schedule, you should then take 15 minutes at the beginning of the week to review the week and 15 minutes every morning to review and prioritize your day.  This will refresh your memory as to what you have planned for that week thus eliminating the stress factor.

We have enough stress in our lives without adding to it by relying on our memory.  If you deal with your appointments and the more important items on your calendar you can work in the less important items in as the day progresses.  Some items may have to be moved to the next day but at least you know where you stand at every turn.  Just remember not to take on more than you can handle.  No one has super powers.  Allow yourself ample time in between appointments and/or errands.

Keeping in mind, there are only so many hours in a day.  You have to schedule the most important time every day.  That’s “Me” time.  It’s been a long day and you deserve it.

Dolores Baltierra

Mars Venus Coaching




Mars Venus raises the Martians Productivity

I'm replenishing my testosterone

I’m replenishing my testosterone

One of the most often cited reasons why people seek out coaching is to become more efficient with their time management.  Outcomes from the 2010 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, show more than two-fifths (42.6 percent) of coaching clients choose “optimize individual and/or team performance” as their motivation for being coached,  followed by “expand professional career opportunities” at 38.8 percent and “improve business management strategies” at 36.1 percent. Mars Venus asks, as a male do you find yourself worn out at the end of the day? Even though you are now working longer hours, do you think you are as productive? At Mars Venus, we teach train two ways to combat unproductiveness: (1) replenish testosterone stores daily and (2) clearly defined SMART goals.

Do you remember when you were more productive? Do you think it has to do with having more energy and focus? You may recall being more productive when you were younger or when you were well-rested—like after a holiday weekend or after doing something with your male friends. This is because you topped off your stores of testosterone. In a relaxed state you are more productive, because your focus is better.

There are physiological reasons for why you are more productive when you spend time resting and relaxing. For males your stress-reducing hormone is testosterone. For women it is oxytocin. This is partly why asking your girlfriend, mom, wife, sister, or female co-worker to relax, sit down and rest, forget about it, or do something different may be met by resistance on their part. These kinds of activities are not stress-reducing for women if they have many things to do. However, for men when you shift gears to easier tasks such as:

  • reading an article,
  • checking sports scores,
  • watching a TV show,
  • surfing the internet, or
  • just sitting and doing nothing,
  • forgetting the problem for awhile, or
  • taking a nap

What you are doing when you are doing these activities is replenishing your testosterone stores. If you ask a woman to do the same thing it can have the opposite effect and increase her stress. You can learn more about this by attending one of our Mars Venus Coaches seminars or taking an eWorkshop if you’re really crunched for time. Your relationships will improve at work and at home. And, when males anticipate coming home to a successful relationship…it’s a testosterone producer! So what does replenishing testosterone daily have to do with productivity?

Mar Venus realizes that for men it takes longer to replenish testosterone stores on a daily basis, and if you’re productivity is suffering, it may be due in part to not taking enough time EVERY day replenishing your testosterone. If you felt more productive when you were younger, it’s because you produce less testosterone as you age. I’m sure someone is reading this and thinking, “great, but the bottom line is I have more responsibilities, and the pressures on me to perform. I don’t have time to take time to sit and do nothing.” When we experience chronic stress in our lives, then there is excess cortisol (this as well as adrenaline are the stress-producing hormones) in your body which inhibits testosterone production.

The way you attack being more productive then gets into creating SMART goals. Your goals professionally and personally need to be:





T—Time Bound

Once you sit down, write out, and create your SMART goals, complete them when you say you will, and work on them every day. If you are doing things that are not a part of your goals, then you must choose to keep doing them or not. By writing and following through on your goals you learn how to prioritize and manage your time. If you don’t know where to start or what’s important, then this is when coaching may help you gain clarity and accountability to follow through on your intentions.

The way you make sure that you stay productive is to incorporate down time as part of your SMART goals every day so you ensure time to replenish testosterone throughout the day, especially on the busy jam-packed days. Make sure you have an objective person hold you accountable to your goals so you don’t slack off on what’s really important to you. Not only will you be more productive, you will be more successful and satisfied with the quality of your life.

Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd

Mars Venus Coaching

Corporate Media Relations


Mars Venus Explains the Man Cave

It's not a couch.  It's a MAN CAVE.

It’s not a couch. It’s a MAN CAVE

Couch time, A Right time for Men ?

We live in a world right now that is fast paced. The leaps technology makes in just a year are staggering, aren’t they? How many people have just one email anymore? How many people use their cell phones not only to talk, but to text, email, use GPS, surf the internet, listen to music, and schedule appointments? How many people were using Nooks or iPads last year in March verses this year? What about using Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook accounts? I first read Dr. John Gray’s best-selling relationship book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus back in 1992, when I was 11 years old. I understand men needing cave time backwards and forwards. Or so I thought until our recent family vacation began with a 15 hour trip (including 2 car rides and 3 flights/2 layovers) that quickly turned into an ultra-marathon 20 hour trip to include all the above with 3 delayed flights, high winds, and a snow storm to navigate through…and then the next day our toddler on our 6 year anniversary threw up on Mommy, and only Mommy, seven times! Remember I said I understood cave time? Turns out the more important factor is implementing this concept ESPECIALLY when the going gets tougher.

Did you know when men experience more stressors in their life, their body gives out little signals telling them to stop, sit down, relax, and do nothing? As women we scratch our heads, beat our chests, complain, yell, cajole, and constantly question why the first thing the guys in our life do when the pressure is building is to shift gears, disconnect, and go into a zone or nothing box where frankly women are not allowed. When women get more stressed out, we do the opposite of sitting, because our to-do list keeps growing, as our brain works even harder to make sure everyone and everything is taken care of. For women the most important thing we can do to reduce stress is to connect with others by talking things out and emoting. It’s how our bodies are designed to respond to stress!

When we interrupt a man during his cave time his stress level increases, because we are not giving him time to replenish his testosterone. When men tune out, want to listen in to their favorite sport’s team scores, fall asleep on the couch, or just plain sit down to sit and do nothing….it is their body’s physiological response to how a man’s body increases the stress-reducing hormone testosterone.

It is hard enough adjusting a toddler to time zone changes, on top of having food poisoning. Unwittingly I kept piling on demands. As we were negotiating gym schedules, fitting in time at the hot springs, time with grandma, and time with our friends vacationing with us—my husband jokingly said one of the things he most looks forward to on vacation is uninterrupted time to read. What this really translates to is uninterrupted time for my hubby to replenish his testosterone. When I’m attentive to his needs, then he is able to replenish his store of testosterone, and thereby reduce his stress. And believe me, after the first two days of travel and re-adjustment and non-stop go, this statement from him is priceless. He is the epitome of patience, so when he gave me this gem, the least I could do was ensure he got his reading time! If he is less stressed out, then he becomes more attentive to my needs. As the “nurturer” and “care-giver” in the family, I have to remind myself daily to make sure I do not interrupt my husband in his cave.

When I allow my husband to tinker in his cave, or do nothing he replenishes his stress-busting stores so he can help out at home and with the kids faster than if I jumped on him when I needed relief myself to begin replenishing my stress-reducing hormone, oxytocin.

It sounds counter-intuitive; however, it is inversely proportional to how much help I receive in growing our son, tending to running a family, and investing in our relationship. When I allow him this uninterrupted time to relax his muscles by sitting and reading, he is able to replenish his testosterone quicker, than if I interrupted or bugged him to help me out the second he walks in the door from work, or the second I begin to get overwhelmed about the stressors of traveling with a toddler, dealing with delayed flights, making sure reservations are not cancelled due to our delayed arrival at our destination, and uncertainties if our luggage will show up at the same time as we do! For some guys it may be watching a favorite TV show, surfing the internet, reading the newspaper, or tinkering on a hobby—or all the above…but, by allowing him this time to unwind and rest his muscles, I am actually investing in the longevity and well-being of our marriage. When I allow him to do this, and I make this time sacred for him, then he is able to rejuvenate, and give back to the needs I require to both reduce my stress, but more importantly receive his help—whether this is being a good provider, helping out around the house, or being heard when I need to talk out my day.

Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd

Mars Venus Coaching

Corporate Media Relations


One Easy Way To Reduce Workplace Stress And Enhance Productivity

One Easy Way To Reduce Workplace Stress And Enhance Productivity

Think Stress Free

Victor Lipman, Contributor Forbes 6/5/12

It’s always pleasant (if rare) to find a management tactic that works well and is also easy and even fun. Over the course of my career – both as an employee and a manager – the best way I found to reduce stress and improve productivity was simple: to exercise at midday.

Everyone has his or her own biorhythms, but I found and observed energy and concentration often flagging toward midday. And also noted considerably renewed energy and productivity following a lunchtime workout.

These aren’t simply my own idiosyncratic observations. Numerous studies link exercise to mood elevation and productivity enhancement, as well as more collaborative and tolerant behavior. The benefits of exercise are copiously well documented; the trick is effectively integrating a regular exercise program into a conservative or restrictive work environment.

What form of exercise works best? My answer’s simple: Whatever you like and can easily do in or near the workplace. For me it was usually a 3-mile run. All I needed was a change of clothes and a shower. Many I managed liked weightlifting, walking, aerobics classes, yoga, Spinning and so on. (Personal aside: The only form of exercise that was clearly not for me was Spinning. First, it looks wicked hard. Second, I exercised at least partly to take a break from people barking at me, so the last thing I wanted while taking a break from people barking at me was other people barking at me.)

Here are six common reasons why people can’t or don’t exercise at work, and ways to easily overcome them.
I don’t have time. Sure you do. It may take you 15 minutes longer than a normal lunch hour (maybe even 30 if you have to go a little farther to get to a facility), so work 15 (or 30) minutes later. Chances are in those extra 15 minutes you’ll be more energized and productive than if you hadn’t exercised in the first place.
My boss won’t let me. Tell him or her (nicely) to get with the program. Note info above – data shows exercise enhances productivity, reduces stress, and improves collaboration. Ask for a chance to demonstrate the results, and be sure to over-deliver when providing them.

We don’t have a Fitness Center. It’s great if your company has one, but no knockout if you don’t. Sometimes all you need is a shower. Or you can go to a nearby gym or club. Often your company can get a corporate discount, a trade that helps both teams.
I won’t have time to eat lunch. Nonsense. Eat lunch at your desk while working following your workout. I did it productively for decades. I ate a cheese sandwich or a peanut butter sandwich (fortunately I have a limitless capacity for monk-like culinary boredom), plus an apple or an orange. The main criterion for my lunch was that it could be prepared literally within one minute – no kidding – at about 9 p.m. the night before.

My hair will be a mess. Don’t be too hard enough on yourself. I’m sure your hair actually looks a lot better than you think it does. Note to employees: Of course you’ll use common sense here – no triathlon workouts right before Board presentations. Note to managers: Offer (as appropriate to your environment) flexibility of casual dress and appearance. Your employees will appreciate you for it and likely reward you with loyalty and diligence.

My CEO doesn’t believe in exercise in the workplace. Hey, this is 2012. I’m as old school and dinosaurish as they come and I’ve been exercising at work since the 1970s. Note to CEOs: You’ll gain in employee engagement. You’ll gain in recruiting. You may gain in reduced absenteeism and health care costs (though that’s usually harder to document). Plus, dedicated exercisers/athletes tend to be highly disciplined individuals and fine employees. It’ll make your company a cooler happier place.

One final thought: The ability to exercise at work is a benefit and privilege, so you can’t abuse it – all expected work still has to get done. Otherwise, any straight-thinking manager will – and should – pull the plug quickly. But it shouldn’t come to that. Well-managed exercise programs improve the quality of worklife for employees and management alike. And that’s the bottom line. I’d write more, but I’ve got to go for a run.

Is your lack of Gender Intelligence impacting your stress levels and your ability to manage stress?

 “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”
Victor Hugo

John Gray’s , original work, Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, has touched many men and women around the world with its simple, but powerful message that men and women are fundamentally different….. and that knowing those differences and consciously applying that knowledge is guaranteed to improve our relationships, stress management, communication and sales.

But how many of those people are actually using that knowledge of gender difference to improve their lives and businesses?

Mars Venus Coaching is a global business dedicated to helping men and women to be more effective by becoming more gender intelligent.

In his recent book, “Why Mars and Venus Collide” John Gray, Ph.D. helps us understand how the Mars and Venus differences affect our management of stress.  He explains the brain structure and functioning and the effects of different hormones in management of stress.

Do you know…

  • The role cortisol plays in stress?
  • That women have a limbic system that is 10 time larger than a man’s?  What does that mean and what are the implications for our management of stress?
  • That men and women approach a daily to-do list differently?  Why does that matter?
  • Why women need to talk when they are under stress?
  • Why understanding the role of testosterone is important for both men and women to know?
  • That men’s irritability and grumpiness can be understood and managed better?
  • What oxytocin is and why should we care?

These and many other questions are addressed in the Mars Venus “Practicing Safe Stress” workshops.




Feeling Overwhelmed?

Are you burned out from doing too many things all of the time? Here are four things you can do on a daily basis to proactively feel energized and stress-free. There is one question you need to ask and remind yourself of daily to help you reprioritize what’s important to you. What is your strategic objective? The second thing you must do to feel and be on top of things is to prioritize what must be done and finished each day. And the third thing: work your to-do list. If you’re thinking, “yeah, but I already do this” or “right—that’s not gonna work.” The one thing you may have forgotten to include on your to-do list is: PLAY! And play is non-negotiable, it’s even more important than your dentist appointment or paying your bills.

Let me explain.

Tip #1: What is Your Strategic Objective?

Another way to ask this is what is your purpose in life? Or another way is to look at the patterns in your life of lessons learned…and ask yourself what are the themes that consistently run through your life? For some people it may be to help others, or to grow well-adjusted kids within an in-tact family, or to pursue your talents in a job that pays well and lets you find balance.

If you can identify what motivates you to accomplish things that make you feel complete and successful in life—you can then cross off anything on your calendar that is a TIME WASTER. If you’re doing something that doesn’t fit with your vision for yourself, then don’t do it. If you have to do it, then figure out a way to relate it to your strategic objective. Otherwise you will wind up grumpy and dissatisfied or like you’re always doing for other people. If you don’t know what your vision, strategic objective, or life purpose is—explore. Find it. And then make sure 80% of your day is taken up with doing activities that relates to this purpose.

Tip #2: Create a Weekly To-Do List AND Daily Plan of the Day

Items needed: Calendar/Planner, Weekly To-Do List, Daily To-Do List, Pen, 20 minutes 1x/week, Partner and/or Kids (if you’re in a relationship and/or raising a family)

On your calendar put down any appointments or things you have scheduled involving other people/work/exercise/meal preparation/bill paying/kids.

Then look at the next seven days. On your Weekly To-Do List write out all of your to-do’s that relate to your strategic objective first. Then write out the activities from you calendar.

Looking at this list highlight or circle those that are urgent—meaning they must be completed this week. Underline or highlight in a different color those things that are important.

If there are things that are neither urgent or important, then send regrets or reschedule to a more open week.

Tip #3: Create a Daily To-Do List, 7 days a week

Items needed: Weekly To-Do List, Daily To-Do List, Pen, Highlighter(s), 15 minutes each day

Block out 2-4 hours each day for YOU. This can be done in increments of 5 minutes or in 2 hour blocks. This time you are blocking out is for you to do stress-reducing activities aside from working out. These stress-reducing activities are for you to spend time EVERY day slowing down the pace, and doing activities that rejuvenate and refocus you. They are non-negotiable. And it doesn’t work if you save up for rainy days. Your body needs this TIME to slow down and replenish it’s stress-reducing hormones.

Each evening before you go to bed make a daily plan for the following day of what HAS to get done (i.e. your URGENT items). If you didn’t finish something from the day before, it goes to the top of your list for the following day.

In the morning re-visit the list you made from last night.

If you’re working with a coach, then your strategic objective would also incorporate visualizing the KPIs you’ve set for yourself and your identified goals.

Tip #4: Play

Take your lunch breaks, drop what you’re doing when you begin to feel overwhelmed or stressed out and do an oxytocin-producing activity if you’re a woman, or a testosterone-producing activity if you’re a man to flush the stress-producing hormone, cortisol, out of your system.

Seize the day.

Lyndsay Katauskas, MEd

Mars Venus Coaching

Corporate Media Relations