Successful Coaching Begins with John Gray and the Mars Venus Coaching Program

John Gray - Mars Venus Coaching SuccessJohn Gray, Ph.D. is known all over the world. He is most well known for his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. He has done many more books since that amazing book and his message is just as life changing today as it was 30 years ago. If you, your life or someone you know has been touched by John’s message then you know firsthand just how impactful his message is. He has helped people and couples make positive breakthroughs and life altering realizations. His philosophies and passion for sharing them has lead John to found Mars Venus Coaching. He wanted to expand his global reach. With the help of CEO Rich Bernstein, John has done just that.

Mars Venus Coaching originally started in Australia in 2007. In 2008 John joined forces with Rich Bernstein and brought the Global Headquarters to the United States. Since that time they have added nearly 100 coaches to the company. The effective and decisive work of Rich and John has helped educate people across the globe about John’s amazing philosophies. Licensing coaches has allowed John Gray to personally train professionals from countries all over the world on his philosophies and how to share his valuable message with the world. Mars Venus Coaches are a special component to John’s already dynamic and global Mars Venus brand; they have provided John with the leverage required in today’s global mindset to reach a much larger audience.

Coaches join the Mars Venus team from countries in Europe, Asia, Australia, North, South and Central America, and most recently the Middle East. Positioning coaches in these well populated markets is a crucial step in John’s plan to help people of all walks of life and cultures to understand the differences between Men and Women. His global team of coaches has access to one another and their personal experiences and knowledge whether it be professionally or personally. A coach in London has the opportunity to reach out to a coach in Australia who may be a financial consultant professionally and can give insight to the coach in London regarding a client who may need guidance and solution based coaching. This has been proven to be a tremendous asset to the coaches. This global environment has opened doors for Mars Venus in regions that were not being reached before.

Each coach that joins the team receives personal face to face training from John Gray. They also receive several materials in support of their new coaching business. They also receive access to every document, video and presentation in our unique system via an exclusive intranet member’s area. The support provided to the coaches from one another is matched by the impeccable support provided by the corporate office. They are appointed a coach; they receive a weekly coaching session with a senior coach for as long as they are an active coach.

Once they graduate from the coach induction course they attend with John Gray, they begin their 12 week academy course with their fellow training graduates. The support provided by Mars Venus Coaching is unmatched by any other coaching company. Mars Venus Coaches also receive a website upon joining the company.

This website is the main domain for coaches’ personal websites. On the coaches’ personal websites you can find a great deal of information. Their home page provides a video of the coach introducing themselves alongside John Gray. On their about page you can find their bio outlining their professional experience as well as their life experience. Each website has a testimonials page in which you can read what their clients have to say about their services. There is also an events page on each site highlighting their upcoming events. The services page outlines the different types of coaching the coach offers. You can click on the store tab to browse and purchase Mars Venus products. Each coach website also hosts a blog tab for sharing articles related to topics covered by their coaching services.

Finally, but, most importantly each site has a contact us tab. This tab allows visitors to contact the coach to get more information about their services and how they can benefit you.